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Las Vegas Historical Society

Las Vegas Historical Society
1114 South Main Street, Suite 120

About Us:

Most of the people who have ever lived in Las Vegas are still alive. But not forever. Their historically relevant photos need to be displayed, and their stories need to be told publicly and recorded before they are gone.

Thus is the genesis of the Las Vegas Historical Society. We have begun gathering photos, written and oral histories of Las Vegas history.

In addition to preserving and recording Las Vegas history, we are also dedicated to integrating our collections and universal concepts into award-winning exhibitions that demonstrate the significant influence of Las Vegas history in our present lives. Our exhibitions and public programming are designed to teach, challenge, and ultimately inspire how you think and learn about Las Vegas's short rich history and diverse cultures, past and present.

The Las Vegas Historical Society is in downtown Las Vegas accessible by mass transportation and within walking distance of many of Las Vegas downtown cultural attractions, including the Smith Center for the Performing Arts, and more!

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